KBSTAR ETF is the brand name of ETFs managed by KB Asset management
(“The company”), which is highly renowned for its capability of passive and
quantitative fund management.

KBAM's experienced management team ensures that our operations run
smoothly and efficiently, always keeping our clients’ interests first and foremost. The company provides a wide range of ETFs - broad market, smart beta,
fixed-income and foreign equity ETFs- that meet our clients’ needs promptly and assuredly with lowest management fee.

With its passive market expertise and creative product line-ups, the company pioneered funds such as domestic fixed income ETF (KBSTAR KTB3Y),
balanced ETF (KBSTAR Equity Balanced, KBSTAR Fixed Income Balanced), and
Sector rotation ETF (KBSTAR prime industry). Above all, KBSTAR KTB 3Y ETF is
the largest Korea treasury bond ETF which is comprised of 3 most liquid
treasury bonds with replicating the market averaged duration, 2.5~2.8 years.

About KB Asset Management

KB Asset Management is an investment arm and a subsidiary of KB Financial Holdings, the largest financial group in Korea.
KB Asset Management is one of the oldest and most established asset managers with more than 20 years of market presence and successful growth
in all asset classes.
With over USD 49 billion total asset, it ranked as a 3rd largest asset manager in the country.

* Last updated : 2019.01.21